Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plainte contre Assange : petit service entre ami(e)s ?

La police suédoise a reconnu que l'un des officiers de police impliqués dans la plainte contre Julian Assange — une femme — connaissait une de ses deux accusatrices : voy. cet article d'un quotidien australien (en anglais). Extrait :

"It previously emerged that neither of the victims wanted to press charges against Mr Assange but had instead gone to the police to find out if they could force him to undergo an HIV test after he had unprotected sex with them, despite their explicit request he use a condom.
According to reports, it was one of the officers involved in the interrogations who deemed what they had been through amounted to rape in one case and sexual molestation in another and took the matter to a prosecutor. It is unclear if the friend of the alleged victim was the police officer who reported the matter to the prosecutor."

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  1. what are they waiting to drop charges ?

    It's been obvious since the begining that Julian is a victim